How To Choose Your Powered Anode Rod 

Quality of The Product

How To Check Quality of The Powered Anode

Both technology are working very well. However, it's like comparing an asphalt shingle roof to a sheet metal roof. Both will give you a good return from the start, but after a few years, the shingle roof will require inspection and replacement. More expensive, the sheet metal roof will give you peace of mind in the long term, and your neighbor will change the roof 2 or 3 times before redoing yours. It's the same with the different types of anodes. Sacrificial anode will last between 2 to 5 years and powered anode will last up to 50 years.

In addition, powered anode rod will give you some benefits that you will never have with sacrificial anode.

Power Supply

There are different kinds of power supply and manufacturers seem to want to play on words. Regardless of the power supply used, it is important that the manufacturer has carried out the necessary tests to ensure that the current sent into the water will be large enough to properly protect the tank.

Some brand offer some model that will have different power supply depending of the size of the tank. This make sense, because you need way more current to protect a 100 gallon tank than in a 10 gallon tank. Some manufacturer claim that tanks between 10 and 110 gallons can be protected with the same product.

Anode Rod

The most important element is certainly the rod itself. Here, we are talking about the rod which will be in the water and which will send the electrons responsible for protecting against corrosion.

Made of titanium, the anode is covered with MMO (Mixed Metal Oxides) which will offer better conductivity. The MMO is made up of different metals and the manufacturers seem to want to keep their mixture confidential.

It is very important to check the width, length and thickness of the rod portion which is covered with MMO to conclude its service life. It is the most expensive part of the anode, which is why some manufacturers reduce the required quantity, which reduces the efficiency and the lifespan of the anode

Reputation of The Brand 

Nowadays, buying a product is very easy. However, having some trouble with it and dealing with bad customer service is frequent.

Powered anode rod are some electric device that you need to install in your water heater. Even if they are reliable and not complicated, you may want some help during the installation process or if you notice anything after the installation. Some brand listed on this website are now well-know in the industry and have proven their customer service. Companies that back their products are generally more reliable and more inclined to help you if you have any problems.

After Sales Service

After choosing a quality product, it is important to have customer service in case of questions or problems with the product or during installation.
The wonderful thing about 2020 is that millions of reviews are available online! Most of the anodes presented on this site are sold on Amazon and have comments to enlighten us. We have listed all manufacturer with their informations. Having a phone number is one of the criteria on our powered anode rod comparison page because you can have some assistance way faster.

Phone number : 1-877-466-6660

Email :

Address : 950 Av. St-Louis, Plessisville, Quebec G6L 2M1


Phone number : 1-877-552-0010

Email : Contact form available on the website

Address : 500 Tennessee Waltz Parkway, Ashland City, TN 37015


Email :

Address : HongJi Road, MinLe Community, DongFeng Town, ZhongShan, Guangdong, 528425, CHINA


Phone number : 1 937-278-6547

Email :

Address : 4011 Riverside Dr, Dayton, OH 45405


  • Stoltco

Phone number : 1 (218) 209 2310

Email : contact form available on the website


Nowadays, warranty is VERY important. There is a lot of cheap products for sale online and companies have many techniques to make sure the warranty can be voided if wanted. We decided to investigate on all warranty and give you some facts.

Corro-Protec have a very detailed warranty policy available directly on their website :

20 years warranty

Claim can be made online, by email, by phone or by mail.


Alegus don't have any warranty details on Amazon and on their website.


1-year limited warranty.

Claim can be made by email